About Me

Hello lovely humans! 

My name’s Rowi and I’m a Indian influencer and style blogger from Sydney, Australia.

Let me tell you a little bit about me and how I got to where I am today.

High school was weird and contradictory. You’re constantly told to be yourself and embrace your individuality, yet ironically you’re forced to conform by behaving a certain way, following all rules and adhering to a very strict (not to mention drab) dress code. As a Punjabi who grew up surrounded by Western culture, it was ridiculously easy to forget my own culture and it became imperative for me to fit into a predominantly white society. After graduating from school, I decided to use Instagram as a platform to showcase my unique and eccentric sense of style by getting in touch with my roots. After a lot of hard work and many MANY selfies later, people started to take notice of my ability to fuse my traditional Indian culture with my contemporary style, picking up on the latest trends and giving it an ethnic twist.

My mission is to not only inspire other women of colour who have shared a similar experience, but to influence anyone who wishes to diversify their look and bring a unique flare to their style. I hope my blog posts inspire and motivate you to bring out your inner queen.


Rowi xx